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Well known paintings of all times 

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• A Girl with the Pearl Earning: This ‘Mona Lisa of the North’ is an enchantingly beautiful painting by Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch artist. The simple, rustic beauty of a girl wearing a pearl earring is what has made this painting so famous. 

• Starry Night: Starry Night is one among the most famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The painting shows the village of Saint-Remy and the swirling night sky above the village. The view of the village is from the sanatorium in which van Gogh lived then.

• Guernica: The most commonly known painting by Pablo Picasso, Guernica depicts the tragedies and sufferings of war in a unique style. 

• The Scream: Expressionistic painter Edvard Munch had painted several versions of this painting. True to its name, it shows an agonised, screaming figure against a menacing looking backdrop. The Scream also came into limelight by its two recent high-profile thefts.

• The Mona Lisa: Last, but definitely not the least, is the famous and infamous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa had taken about 15 years to be completed and is seen by more than 6 million people every year. 

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