Vision for Artiliving

I have a vision for Artiliving

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How about ‘the place’ where you could get all kinds of artworks for your interior décor purpose, all forms of art and arts of all known & unknown artists in the respective genre, art in every range. Not just paintings but photography, sculptures even carpets. Indian as well as International Art.Then there is power of internet really explored. Isn’t it ?

Most importantly India based –“ One platform for All”

Imagine an original Madhubani painting sourced from a budding upcoming artist in a small village of Champaran (Bihar) adorning the walls of an Austrian Chateau; Or conversely street art from Prague finding the pride of place in an upscale Bangalore apartment – all without the hassles.

Range, competitive rates and ease of purchase. However this is possible only when maximum number of artists and all kinds of artists come under one roof.

Range is important because you may not necessarily put a 1 lac worth of painting in the bathroom but bathroom does need an appealing décor too so you do need something that works. And then there are collectors who love to invest in Art , so the product as well as price range has to be wide.

How I started ?

As a child I would always tell that I would start my own company and my interest lied in manufacturing but when I grew up and got so called sensible, I just didn’t want to be an entrepreneur :-)

Fortunately, most of the times life itself gives directions and we simply need to flow with it.

While I was doing up my house ,I faced lot of problems in terms of what I wanted and what I was getting. I wanted paintings that would have the colors matching my home décor, I wanted Makrana marble statue for my pooja room, I wanted particular framing done to create a photo wall .

Since I couldn’t really get what I wanted, I had to get paintings made , design the photo wall and even arrange the particular mount for framing. I got the statues from Makrana but they broke for the improper packaging. There was a huge gap in the market.

Moreover , everytime people looked at the photo wall in the house, they asked me to start selling.

I could have started with only photography but again the range of products is important. I may not go to websites which sell everything under the sun. I may also not go to the individual artist’s websites for the simple reason that coming across such websites would be by accident except when I know the name of the artist and frankly how many websites one would want to search unless one likes to collect works of a particular artist.

In between the solution was a dedicated website with quality art works and quality artists and even within Art not just paintings but also sculptures & photography. Why should 99% of Art market comprise of paintings only?

For all the trouble I took as a customer, I want to make things easy and comfortable for others through Artiliving. And this is very much possible with the support from Artist fraternity.

I know great artists who don’t even have an email id but I want to bring them here. I have come across artists who have sold themselves to the shop owners but I want to bring them here.Not just Indian Art, I would love to bring European Art, Art from Ubud to be part of Artiliving.

My humble request to all the Artists-

If you think your art can bring colors into peoples lives, you must be on Artiliving.

If you think you art can inspire a bed ridden to get up and look forward to life, you must be on Artilving.

If you think you can instill imagination in a child, you must be on Artiliving.

If you think your art could make people fall in love, you must be on Artilving.

If you think your art could make people visit an old memory lane, you must be on Artiliving.

And if you love your own work, your art definitely must be on Artiliving. We would love to have it too.





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