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Antique Art Rugs & Carpets for Sale Online

The soul of an apartment is in the carpet said Edgar Allen Poe. And if its an Antique rug or carpet ,it is all the more precious and valuable like an old wine.

Every antique rug /carpet tells a story. The story about the times when they were created and about the lives of the weavers who created them. They stand on their own for the historical importance and cultural relevance.

Though it was during the persian golden age during the Safavid Dynasty (1499-1722), that the rug making craft was as it highest ;royal workshops ,highly skilled artists, fibers like silk with silver and gold ,most intricate designs by the most talented weavers made sure that the quality was unparalleled.However the the fundamentals of weaving antique rugs have not changed for centuries in the major carpet making regions of the world today such as Turkey,  India, China , Morocco evident from our collection of antique rugs for sale online.

We welcome you to explore our collection of antique rugs and carpets for sale online.Antique carpets and antique recreations would be mentioned specifically for you to buy a genuine masterpiece.

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