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Contemporary Painting

Contemporary Art paintings

Contemporary refers to the now, the present moment, so at any point in history, the creation of new art is contemporary. However, the term ‘Contemporary Art’ has a variety of meanings.

As per some people ,it is the art produced by artists who are living in the twenty-first century. Art that has been and continues to be in our lifetimes. 

As per some art galleries, contemporary Art is the art of the past ten years on a rolling basis including some works of the previous times which have had influence on the artworks being made today.

Some say it is not the time when it was produced but how it is created and the idea behind the artwork which ideally should resonate with the present times.

Additionally , Contemporary Art is also often used along the term Modern art . But since modernism was an art movement and modern art ceased to be contemporary, for Art historians Contemporary Art runs roughly from 1970 until now.

We believe Contemporary art has traces of modernism in it, as it also depicts freedom of expression without any inhibitions or restrictions but contemporary art specifically is much more socially conscious than any other art form in the previous era.

It provides an opportunity to reflect on society and the relevant issues pertaining to the world around us. One can see issues like feminism, multiculturalism, globalization etc in a whole lot of art from the last 30 years. Among other important changes that have shaped the character of contemporary art since the mid 20th century is the way artists have responded to new technologies evident from the installation art, conceptual art and the use of new materials in our collection of contemporary art paintings for sale online.

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