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Folk & Tribal Art Paintings for Sale Online

Folk & Tribal Art paintings represent the visual arts and culture of indegenous people.

Eventhough the term traditional crafts and folk/tribal art are interchangeably used there is a slight distinction in the sense that folk & tribal Art is mainly characterized by a naïve style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not employed.

Folk & Tribal Art can be described as idiosyncratic art, primitive art, naive art . It is decorative and utilitarian but may not always adhere to the set standards of aesthetics. Folk & tribal art for sale on Artiliving expresses cultural identity of the artisans by conveying shared community values and ethnic heritage. These artistic traditions are passed on from generation to generation most often within family and community in informal settings

Folk artworks, styles and motifs have inspired various artists  like Picasso who was inspired by African tribal sculptures and masks, while Natalia Goncharova and others were inspired by traditional russian popular art prints - luboks.

Folk & tribal Art in India manifests in various forms such as painting, pottery, metal crafts, jewellery etc. A few popular styles in indian folk & tribal art paitings include Madhubani paintings , Gond art paintings, Worli painting.

Today in the international Market, folk and tribal Artworks have found a new place due to its  traditional aesthetic sensibility and authenticity. These works gel very well with many décor themes.

We at Artiliving have made an attempt to bring forth the same traditions on to a global platform to promote Folk & tribal Art and the artisans associated with it. Have a look at our collection to buy Folk & tribal Art paintings for sale online.