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Oriental Art Rugs & Carpets for Sale Online

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Transform your interiors into extraordinary spaces.Being in India ,one of the carpet making hubs in the world,we work with some of the best carpet weavers and are here to present some of the best oriental carpets for sale. Oriental carpets are primarily in silk and wool and have traditional designs like persian,mugal,kashmiri etc.

Oriental rugs and carpets remain coveted collectors items; and a symbol of luxury and elan. And It is our en devour to make sourcing of oriental carpets as easy and as cost effective as possible for you from the comfort of your home/office. Browse through our collection of oriental carpets/rugs for sale online and select the exquisite piece meant for you.



Since past century,oriental rugs have become valued throughout the world as works of art especially after the great exhibition of 1891 in Vienna.Oriental Carpets have found permanent homes in Museum collections across the modern world. Besides, at  Auction houses such as Sotheby’s, and Christies , the lots are typically being auctioned at values in excess of a 100,000 pounds. 

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