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Using carpets and area rugs are a great way to inject colors and make statement when it comes to the interior décor. Besides who doesn’t like soft warmth and a welcome landing spot for happy feet. Whether it’s out of need or out of love for the luxury designs, a carpet is a must. It makes any room more serene and helps in enhancing the décor theme/style of your home/office.

Also, carpets being one of the most labor intensive handicrafts are for people who appreciate higher things in life even though it stays under your feet. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of hard work that goes into making of the available handmade carpets for sale on our website.

India being the hub of finest handmade carpets which are exported all over the world, it is quite natural that we would like to invite you to explore our woven treasures and buy from our collection of carpets and rugs for sale online.

Artiliving houses  range of handwoven, handtufted and hand knotted masterpieces. Carpets for sale online on Artiliving represent art of weaving at its best. Please refer to our carpet buying guide for more details.

History , Styles and Techniques...

It was with the entry of Mugals in India that the carpet making tradition began. Akbar laid the foundation of carpet weaving , in 1580 AD ,basically Persian styled carpets, which were inspired by designs of Kirman, Kashan, Esfahan and so on.

During Shahjahan's reign (1628-58) the art of Indian carpets had reached new heights. Silk or pashmina piles gave the carpets a velvety like texture. Yarn shading was superior in Jahangir's reign. With time , the art grew and flourished and was modified as per the royal tastes and Indian Art styles. 

During this era, the patterns were primarily floral all over with at times geometric or calligraphic style. Chinese and European patterns including calligraphy also influenced the history of Indian carpets in their own way.

Though carpets still continue to be inspired by persian design style, today we have various regions like Agra, Bhadohi,Mirzapur, Kashmir producing high quality carpets in various styles ranging from modern and contemporary to Indo Nepalese to Oriental and antique.

Kashmiri silk carpets remain most popular for their intricate designs and quality. It is said that a beautiful Kashmiri carpet once so charmed Maharaja Ranjit Singh that he rolled on it in great joy all day long. 

The history of Indian carpets thus reveals the saga of the artistry and craftsmanship of the Indian carpet weavers amidst their colour, pattern and style.