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Anand Bedrala


In the words of the Artist himself...

I, Ananda Bedrala Born 1977 in Mangalore Karnataka and has graduated A.M, G.D, B.F.A. have taken up painting as I find it blissful. I think it can help me rise above the banal, yet keeping myself in the domain of human psychology.

My creations extend from my fantasy, dreams and imagination; it gives tangibility to my thought processes.
I confirm to sensitive tonal values and produce divisions of picturesque spaces which are interdependent with the rolling forms. The visual language reflects my inner urges and the complex its of my life.

It is an attempt to portray my deepest thoughts in my own style and technique, to present the fine intricacies of my life and thought forms.

I would like to share this personal artistic journey with the viewers. Present and project my variations in my distinctive style.

I Glistening abstracts, pleasing patterns and earthy hues amalgamate to form harmonic visuals in my paintings. As if an archaeological survey, my paintings are layered to give the impression of a pulp of animated objects, curled up together to bring life to the idea. As if barks of perception were cut and collaged together to perfection in good light. Calm settles hues that speak in paint, ideas translated onto a canvas with spirit and gait.

My patterns curve and swirl to illustrate the intricacies of my endeavours, I confess to be having an urge to rise above the materialistic humanness, containing myself to the same sphere. My works are intoxicating and intense in the non descriptive lineage. My realistic works speak in grandeur of my understanding of light and silhouettes being of particular focus. I stands up to a promise, creates tranquil magic with consistency and true spirit.

In this dynamics of sharing the innate thought and feelings with world of viewers, The Contents improvises on my own style and technique in each painting. I present paintings that are capable of in time conversations with viewers.


Selected Awards

  • National Award Varnika 2002 in Ujjain MP
  •  Lalithkala Academy Award 2003
  •  Camel art Southern Region Award 2008
  •  Bombay Art Society Award Mumbai 2009
  •  Mysore Dasara Award 2000 &2002
  •  Outstanding young person JC Award 2004


Latitude International art Exhibition Oman, 2007-08.

  • Karnataka Chithrakalaparishath 2007& 2008 (solo)
  •   Saralas art Gallery Chennai 2007. (Solo)
  •   Kanhoria Art Centre Gujarat, 2008
  •   Manav Sanket academy Madyapradesh 2002,
  •   NSG Haryana 2004, (solo)
  •   Govt Art Gallery Daravad 2002
  •   Orchid Art gallery Mangalore 2007, (solo)
  •   Darbar Hall Kochin 2008
  •   Akthar Art Gallery Mangalore 2008
  •   Jehangir Art Gallery Bombay 2009
  •   Bombay Art Society Mumbai 2009
  •   Karnataka LalithKalaacademy 2006, 2009
  •   Kinkini Art gallery Bangalore2008
  •   Ethos Art Gallery Bangalore2008
  •   Sristi Art Gallery Bangalore2008 (solo)
  •   Prasad Art Gallery Mangalore. 2006 (solo)
  •   Kivash Art Gallery Bangalore. 2010 (solo)
  • Best known for oil & Acrylic paintings,
  • Paintings are collected in England, Denmark, USA, Germany, and France.
  • Director of Born free Artist group, Mangalore.
  • Member of Born free art school International.

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