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Sell your Art/Craft online

Know- How for Sellers- Artists/Artisans

What is Artiliving?

Online Art gallery and Home decor. Its a marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet & transact online. Artiliving is for both emerging as well as established artists to showcase their artwork/craft and sell. We have a separate section called "For art collectors" for premium artworks. Artists from around the world can sell on Artiliving. We deal in both Indian Art as well as International Art.

What are the basics of selling my artwork through Artiliving?

  • To sell your Art/craft online, register yourself for free on our website .Once your email is verified, you can start uploading the artwork after logging in as artist.
  • Upload your high resolution images (size 4mb max) by clicking in the Upload Images button. We accept JPG and PNG formats. Please upload atleast 5-10 of your Artworks.
  • Add title, description and tags for each image.You will be able to see the artwork on only after it is approved by our panel.
  • You set your own expected price (inclusive of tax if applicable in your case) .There are no restriction on prices however please be reasonable and transparent .Once our team approves your artwork, we would add our respective category commission ourselves and display your artwork.
  • Our Commission at present is 33% across all products and involves shipping, insurance and logistics from your home to the buyer's address, our Fees, Service taxes, Payment Gateway charges etc.

Please note :
  1. Commission percentage is subject to change.
  2.  When your revenue crosses 10 lacs per annum , the sales tax registration is a must.Export sales are however exempt form tax.
  • On successful sale of your artwork/craft, we would inform you and arrange for a pick-up of the artwork from your home/studio.
  • You need to keep the artwork in well packed condition for courier pick up and include a certificate of authenticity inside the package. To know about certificate of authenticity, please read the section below.
  • Sculptures and unframed photo prints and unframed paintings packaged by you would be directly sent to the buyer. Photos and paintings requiring framing will first reach our premises, repackaged and then sent to the buyer.
  • In case of photos/paintings requiring the framing ,please keep the original invoice inside the package and paste our official address on the package for it to reach our premises first for framing.
  • After 10 days of buyer receiving the artwork and subject to non-cancellations & no returns/disputes, the payment will be made to you directly into your account.

Who can sell on artiliving? Can I sell artwork online through Artiliving if its being represented by a gallery?

Indian Artist, International Artist, Art collector, Community artist etc can sell their Artworks. You could be from an art school or may have an inborn talent or skill set to sell Art/Craft online through Artiliving.

Once you register and upload artwork, our team will check your artwork to satisfy our quality conditions. Once your artwork is approved, it will be displayed on our website for buyers. Yes, you can sell your artwork online if it is being represented by a gallery.

Our “for art collectors” section will only feature artworks of select artists from time to time.

What can be sold on Artiliving?

  • Sell your photography online - Original Photography prints (limited edition/open edition)
  • Sell your paintings online - Handmade original/replica paintings
  • Sell sculptures online - Handmade original/replica sculptures
  • Sell handicrafts online - Other Arts/crafts including metal works,rugs/carpets,digital art,pottery, masks  and various other handicrafts and collectibles specifically meant for interior decor purpose.All this goes under our collection called "Melange"
  • If you are a collector, you can also sell artworks however they should be authentic along with artist name and signature. Artist name has to be mentioned as the display name and your name as the contact name on Artiliving Art upload page.

Do I need to pay any fee or charge for registration and uploading art?

No, you need not pay anything for registration and uploading your artwork. However, post approval of your artwork, we add our commission at the time of display of your artwork on our website.

Can I sell through other channels as well even after uploading my art on Artiliving?

Yes, you can sell your art through other channels as well, there are no restrictions. However please remove the artwork from Artiliving and inform us once it is sold through other channel and there is no stock left.

In case you receive orders from different channels at the same time, you will have the obligation to fulfill Artiliving order first.

How do I set my prices?

It’s your decision completely, however as mentioned appropriately priced artworks are easily sold. Please only mention your expected price (inclusive of sales tax if applicable in your case). We add our commission at the time of display.

International Artists(Artists residing out of India selling in Indian Market through Artiliving) - Please mention the shipping cost of your Artwork to India separately in "Other information" section on Art upload form. We shall include the shipping cost along with our commission at the time of display .You can check shipping costs with Fedex directly  or check with us.

For help on pricing go through the link below :

Pricing the artwork.pdf

How do I get paid?

10 days after the buyer receives your artwork and subject to non-cancellations & no returns/disputes, your account mentioned at the time of registration will be credited with the expected price specified by you when uploading or accepted by you in case of make an offer option (read below for the same)

Why can't I be paid upfront as soon as I ship my artwork?

This period allows us to resolve customer service issues and returns, and to insure your customers (and ours) are delighted with their purchases. It takes us some time to process our orders and our customer service policy allows buyers to return items within 14 days of receipt if they are not satisfied.

What kind of images should I upload on Artiliving?

High resolution JPEG, PNG  images (Max size 4MB each). Returns usually happens when image shared by artist is too different from the actual artwork. So make sure your images and actual artwork are in sync.

How do I add descriptions, tags etc to my images?

There are several different sections for you to fill out about your images. It is important to fill this entire portion out for each image as fully as you can! This information is how your search engines (both our internal search engine and outside search) find your artwork. Also,when you upload to sell your paintings online or to sell your sculptures online,please describe about the artwork as much as possible to convince the buyer about your point of view and to justify the same.

What are limited edition photo prints and open edition photo print?

If you wish to sell your photography online, you can sell it as limited edition or as open edition and price the same accordingly. Limited edition will mean only a set number of printed copies will be sold and open edition means the copies will be sold as long as available on our site.Also you need to mention the no of editions on certificate of authenticity.

What do different genres mean?

Genre is the general classification of your artwork. Not all the artwork images will fit into the categories mentioned, hence in that case select others option. Kindly go through the link Art Genres  to know what the different terms mean.

 What is make an offer option? 

For artworks priced above Rs 50000/-, we have an option given to collectors/buyers to make an offer through email. We would inform you about the same. In case you accept the offer within 72 hrs,the buyer will be informed and the sale will be concluded at your accepted price.

How to manage your artwork?

Once the artwork/craft is sold through our site, our inventory management will take care of the stock however if your artwork gets sold through other channels, please remove it immediately from our website and inform us regarding the same.

What about the taxation?

You as an artist or the art collector is the seller hence as per Indian taxation system, you are liable to pay sales tax if your turnover exceeds Rs 10 Lacs in a year. You would also need to register for CAT/VAT as soon as your annual turnover exceeds Rs 10 lacs.

The expected price should be inclusive of sales tax ( if aplicable in your case). For interstate sales , sale can be made against any CST declaration form such as C-Form, F-Form, H-Form etc.

For every sale , you would need to prepare the invoice for the customer and paste it on the packaged artwork for the logistics company. Invoice format .docx. For photos/paintings that require framing ,please keep the original invoice inside the package and paste Artiliving official address on the package.

Artiliving will be liable to pay service tax and send the invoice to you once in a week.

When exporting Art through Artiliving ,please get in touch for the legal formalities .


How to package your artwork?

Please carefully go through our guidelines on packaging the artwork - Packaging Guidelines.pdf

Also,have a look at the additional resources through the links below:

FedEx Video on how to Pack and Ship Framed Artwork.
Instructions for how to pack a sculpture on

Please Note: All the artworks will have transit insurance however insurance policy clearly states that it is for externally visible damage only hence please make sure that the packaging is up to the mark without any compromise.

What is certificate of authenticity?

Download the pdf form given, print it, fill & sign it and send it along with the artwork. You can prepare your own certificate too.

 Certificate of Authencity pdf

What happens when my artwork is sold through Artiliving?

You get an email with all details. Kindly pack your artwork with specifications mentioned above. We shall arrange for the pick-up of the artwork from your home.

Tips for Artists 

  1. Use high quality photographs of your artwork with white background only whether you wish to sell art or you wish to sell handicraft online.You can add multiple images.
  2. Upload minimum 5-10 of your Artworks for buyers to get to know your specific style.
  3. Make sure you write accurate artwork descriptions and update your profile regularly. 
  4. Appropriately price your artwork,most important.
  5. Include a detailed artist bio and statement along with a photograph. Art collectors are interested to know more about the artists.
  • In case of sculptures give option for various color finishes if possible.
  • For colored photographs make sets (photo gallery) for the wall , for black and whites photos large prints do better
  • For paintings, use of bright colors works better in case of interiors.
  • Share  the Artworks on Artiliving with your family and friends by simply clicking on share button and do follow Artiliving on every social media.

How to edit my display name , contact information  or change password?

When you register and login,on artist page you have an option to edit profile at the top on the right side.Any time you can make changes.