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Why buy from Artiliving

A World of Inspiration

Meant for You

Artiliving is your one stop online shop for buying world's fine artworks/crafts. Our wide global selection of Photography, Paintings ,Sculptures & Other art/crafts ensures that your perfect artwork is somewhere there for sure!

Whether you wish to enrich your wall , need to furnish your home/office or  would like to make an investment, we have an artwork to touch every emotion & suit every budget and décor.


Made to Impress

Great works of arts created to perfection

Our artists either come from the best of the art schools in India/abroad or have been gifted with inborn great talent. Expect nothing short of impeccable workmanship in each of the artwork represented on Artiliving.

Besides doing the quality check, we also take careful note of prevailing trends and customer feedback to bring you the best


Buy exactly as per your specifications

Decide what’s perfect for you!

You have the option to search based on the color, size, genre, medium etc to find your perfect piece before ordering.And in case you are not able to find/decide what you need, you do have the flexibility to give custom orders.

You can also hire our Interior design Consultant to make the selection easy for you or hire our Art experts/Curators for the purpose of investment in Art . We will do our best to see you delighted.


Certified Original Art

Certificate of authenticity

All our artworks carry Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist to give you assurance about the artwork you buy from Artiliving. Only in case of artworks & crafts from collectors or Artist community the certificate may not be available,however that will be mentioned.


Easy Money Back

Not completely happy with the artwork? Get refund!

Our 14-day(from the date of your receiving the product)  No Questions asked Money Back Policy, on orders of unframed photos and paintings gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect. If you need to return it for any reason, we'll happily provide you with refund after deducting the courier fee .Yes, it's that simple!


Surprisingly Convenient

We like to make your job easy!

We have framing options for photography and paintings. You can simply select the frame you like and get a ready to hang artwork from us.

We  have 'Make an offer' option that lets buyers discuss their final price with our artists.

Besides, Our Customer Delight team goes out of its way to ensure every question is answered to satisfaction. They are always happy to assist you through all stages of your relationship with us.


Affordability at its Best

As affordable as it can get!

Being an online store, we have no inventory /gallery costs . Additionally we are one of lowest in terms of commissions which reflects in our prices. We transfer the benefit to you and to the artists.


No Compromise on Ethics

Strong code of business ethics

We are a socially responsible company. We respect the intellectual copyrights of others and expect the same from our users. We don't encourage any artwork with conflicts.